man at trading desk
If you want to be a successful trader, it’s important to have a Trading Computer that can display multiple charts simultaneously. This allows you to keep an eye on the market as a whole and make informed trading decisions. Without a trading computer with several displays, it’s as if you’re driving down the highway without windows, mirrors, or checking your vehicle’s speedometer and tachometer, which you can imagine gets messy fast. There are several ways to pull up more charts on your Trading Computer and see more of the market. The best way is to use multiple monitors.

 This gives you a lot of screen real estate to work with and lets you see more of the market at once, but sometimes deskspace is limited, and not everyone can fit a 12-monitor array in their office. So the other method uses a built-in feature for Windows 10 and Windows 11 called virtual desktops with this feature, you can leverage your pre-existing multiple monitors on your trading computer.

To use this feature, simply press and hold the Windows key + Tab. This will activate the virtual desktop in Windows, allowing you to more than 8X your screen space. Dragging items to the virtual desktop and releasing them allows you to relocate your current charts and applications from one virtual desktop to another. If you have multiple trading platforms and wish to preserve the arrangement when you open it, simply move to the desktop first and launch the platform. In the main virtual desktop view, you can rename the virtual desktops to whatever you’d like (such as 15-minute charts, 30-minute charts, Research, and so on). Remember that when your computer restarts, you must recreate the virtual desktops, but the names you choose for them will be kept.

An example of usage would be to have your charts and time frames open for MSFT on one virtual desktop while having your charts and time frames for NVDA on another. You can easily switch between the two by pressing and holding the Ctrl + Windows Key + the Arrow Keys (Left and Right) to cycle between your virtual desktops. Feel free to add others as well another example would be to have a research virtual desktop which would have websites such as Seeking Alpha, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, and Finviz, to name a few.

Furthermore, since you have a Falcon Trading Computer, you may always add extra physical screen space by purchasing another monitor array and contacting the customer support team to obtain a compatible graphics card.

Give this Windows feature a try the next time you feel limited by your monitor space, and let us know how it works out for you!