Terms And Conditions Of Sale

These terms and conditions (“Agreement”) apply to your purchase of computer systems and/or related Products and/or services and support sold from this site in the United States, Canada, and foreign countries (“Product”) under the Trading Computers brand (“Falcon Systems”). By accepting delivery of the Product, you accept and are bound to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Payment terms are within Falcon Trading Systems sole discretion, and, unless otherwise agreed to by Falcon Trading Systems, payment must be made at the time of purchase. We will not be responsible for reporting any transactions to any State or Province other than the State of Wyoming. This agreement may be updated at any time.

We are not liable for loss of use or loss of data as a result of shipping delays or equipment failure.

Our products are intended for business use. No suitability for non-business purposes is made or implied. If the buyer states that a Falcon Trading Systems computer is not suitable for his business purpose then he may it within 60 days of delivery for a desktop computer and 25 days for a laptop computer for a full refund. This return period is longer than the standard return period and requires approval by Falcon Trading Systems. Adjustments to the refund amount may be made if items were not returned in good condition. By purchasing any item from Falcon Trading systems you agree that our maximum liability is limited to a full refund of your purchase.

Title shall pass from Falcon Systems to you the buyer upon receipt of goods at the agreed delivery destination, providing that the goods were not damaged during shipping. You must promptly notify us of goods damaged in shipping and follow the carrier’s insurance procedures. We will repair or replace (see “Replacement Policy” below) items damaged in shipping prior to final settlement by the carrier. Third parties designated by the buyer to receive goods do not diminish the transfer of title to the buyer.

You are liable for paying for the product under the terms of this agreement regardless of the success or failure of credit card processing or charge reversal by your credit card issuer. The Laws of the State of Wyoming shall govern all purchases. All purchases have the same legal effect as if they are made in person in our office in Laramie, Wyoming. These terms shall be construed and interpreted according to Wyoming State Law. We may elect to move the legal venue to the customer’s legal jurisdiction in the event of a dispute. (Note that as of this date there has never been a dispute between Falcon Systems and any other person, business, non-profit, or governmental entity).