Barcelona 2×4 Monitor Matrix – 27″

The Seneca four monitor matrix setup is a compact configuration of four monitors that will give you an excellent view of the market. The Seneca uses a single piece stand with a single foot base. The base provides a strong stable structure to hold the monitors. The bottom row of monitors should be set lower than you would with one or two monitors. Doing so will make it easy to view the upper row of monitors.
  • Double the rows, double the productivity
  • One stand to conserve desk space
For this configuration you will get two sets of the Seneca Four Monitor Array. The dimensions listed in the SPECIFICATION section are for a single set. Includes:
  • Eight 27″ Acer monitors
  • 2 Monitor stands
  • Eight video cables

Starting Price: $1,750



8 x ACER 27-inch Monitors

  • Acer 27 inch, Full HD, IPS, Frameless, 75Hz, Adaptive-Sync/FreeSync™, Wall Mountable
  • 27-inch Full HD (1920×1080 @ 75Hz) frameless design with 178° wide viewing angle panel
  • Work with clearer, more realistic images and videos without blurring thanks to a rapid response time of 1 ms.

Monitor Stand

2 Quad Monitor Stands

  • Heavy-weighted metal base
  • Mounting heads tilt (Up/Down) +/- 90°, swivel (In/Out) 180° and rotate (clockwise/counterclockwise) 360°
  • Supports 24 and 27 inch monitors

Monitor Cables

8 Monitor Cables

10′ Monitor Cables (we will contact you for the type)

Monitor Size


Stand Depth




Minimum Height


Maximum Height