Falcon P-32

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In our search for just the right balance between cost and fast performance, we designed the P-32 to create a best bang-for-the-buck trading computer with a lot of power. The P-32 is used by our customers who trade on the floor of the exchanges.
  • Up to 128GB DDR4 RAM
  • Up to 12 Monitor Connections
  • Up to 4 TB SSD
  • Upgrade to NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Card
  • Up to 14 Processor Cores, 20 Threads, 5.10GHz Turbo

Starting Price: $1,500

speed and reliability


Technology you can trust

man testing computer


Tested to the highest standards

computer setup


Designed to stay cool

Reliability is critical to a good trading computer. Our chassis have excellent cooling, which is critical to avoiding component failure. Our power supplies feature power factor correction and highly stable voltages. All computers produced at Falcon undergo 72-96 hours of stress testing. Our tests use 9 different stress tests so that we ensure your system is going to last well past the expected lifetime of most other computers.

Processor speed is the key to a strong trading computer, and we have the fastest guaranteed clock speeds in the world of desktop computers. We are unique in that our technology and our experience allow us to reach higher processor speeds without exceeding the normal voltage parameters or operate at abnormal temperatures.

The other computer builders build computers with only a vague understanding of what is needed because they are not traders. We started as traders in 1999 and built computers for ourselves. Now we also build them for you. We are still traders, and that informs us of how we can make much better trading computers. We also understand that you don’t want a computer loaded down with extra software you didn’t ask for (bloatware). We only install the programs you order (trading software, anti-virus, backup software), plus the free Microsoft product PowerToys.




Intel i5-13600KF


Arctic Breeze Ultra




Fractal Focus – Dimensions: 17.5″ H x 8.1″ W x 18.3″ D

Hard Drive SSD

250GB M.2 SSD

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 11 Home 64-bit


Intel Dual Band Wireless Wi-Fi 6 AX + Bluetooth

USB Ports

6 USB A Ports

Pre-installed General Software

Falcon Diagnostic Monitoring System

Anti-virus Protection

Windows Defender

Graphics Cards

2 Monitor Support

Power Supply

500 watt

Sound System

High Definition Audio


3 Years On-Site Parts & Labor

Customer Support

Lifetime Technical Support