Falcon F-15 Trading Laptop

Whether at Home or On The Road...Trade the Market with Confidence

Discover the beast that beats at the core of the latest Falcon F-15 trading laptop. Engineered with the cutting-edge 14th Gen Intel Core i9 processor, the F-15 offers top-tier performance for trading like never before. Its super-fast capabilities, coupled with sturdy reliability even in fluctuating market circumstances, make the F-15 an essential asset for any trader aiming to elevate their trading prowess. There’s no better time than now to embark on your trading journey with the exceptional F-15. Why wait? Upgrade your trading experience today and uncover the possibilities you’ve been missing.

As one of the most favored choices for professional traders worldwide, our Falcon F-15 trading laptop is designed for premium trading experiences. Sporting the largest screen size available, expect nothing less than a superior laptop trading experience.

  • Up to 64GB DDR5 RAM
  • Up to 4 TB SSD
  • Up to 3 Monitor Support

Starting Price: $2,425

intel i7 12th generation processor


14th Gen Intel Core i9 Processor

Be more than a follower, whether recording your trading day to improve your methods, or broadcasting your most dominating trades. The F-15 achieves maximum performance with Intel’s agile new Core i9-14900HX hybrid processor. It combines powerful P-cores, designed to handle massive monumental tasks like running the most advanced games and apps, while its efficient specialized E-Cores provide the capacity to blaze through all the smaller ones. The result? A better, smoother, and more seamless trading experience.


Mobile Monitor Support

With mobile monitors, you can have a multiple monitor trading platform that you can take with you on the road and set up anywhere. The laptop screen and mobile monitor screens are the same resolution, which means a chart that fits on the laptop also fits on the mobile monitor.




Intel i9 14900HX



Hard Drive SSD

500GB M.2 SSD

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 11 Home 64-bit

Pre-installed General Software

Falcon Diagnostic Monitoring System

Anti-virus Protection

Windows Defender

Screen Size


Screen Resolution


Laptop Graphics

Intel UHD Graphics and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060


Intel Dual Band Wireless Wi-Fi 6 AX + Bluetooth

Power Supply

73WH Battery Pack


1 Year On-Site Parts & Labor

Customer Support

Lifetime Technical Support

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